Dementia Care

Dementia / Alzheimers Care

Dementia has a life-changing physical, emotional and mental impact on the affected person and their family.  Studies have shown that the social aspects of a group are beneficial to patients with Alzheimers and other dementias.  Here at Oaklodge Nursing Home we run a separate specialised Alzheimers / Dementia care programme, ensuring that our residents are treated with dignity and respect at all times while fully participating in worthwhile activities.

Security and peace of mind for both the resident and their family is paramount and Oaklodge Nursing Home provides an ideal environment,

  • Enclosed landscaped gardens, with spectacular views of the surrounding countryside
  • Fully secure building with CCTV and alarmed doors

Our highly trained nursing staff are aware of the individual abilities, interests and preferences of each resident and of the fact that these may change as the dementia progresses.  Care strategies are implemented in consultation with a multi-disciplinary team and the family, to optimise the resident’s independence and capabilities.

All our recreational activities aim to meet the needs of the dementia patients.  This will provide social stimulation for the individual resident, depending on their ability and well-being, with the focus being on enjoyment not achievement.  Activities include:

  • Reminiscence therapy
  • Musical bingo
  • Life story books
  • Special Sonas Sensory Communication Programme
  • Memory clinic and games
  • Reeling in the years

Our Dementia Care Programme approach at Oaklodge

Oaklodge Nursing Home has established a now well recognised care programme for Dementia/Challenging Behaviour residents based on international best practice.

  • Oaklodge Nursing Home commissioned University College Cork School of Nursing to undertake primary research on international best practice models of care.
  • The essence of the approach is based on a much higher staff ratio as is required by residents with Dementia as well as a therapeutic care programme that engages the senses of the resident and calms them.
  • This reduces agitation and violence and places our residents at ease with their surroundings.
  • It comprises of a general care unit and a specialised Dementia/Alzheimer’s care programme and unit.
  • Some of the interventions utilised include, one to one care continuous behaviour monitoring every 30 minutes, reality therapy, memory clinics, validation Therapy and reminiscence therapy.
  • Through education, information, research and collaboration with others we aim to reduce stigma and promote excellence in all aspects of services for persons with dementia in Oaklodge.
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