Social Activities and Community Involvement

The activities organised at Oaklodge Nursing Home are designed to allow residents to have a balanced lifestyle, being active in mind and body, and ensuring that no two days are the same.  While participation is encouraged, freedom of choice is also respected.  Some residents actively assist in organising activities. Activities include:

Music / Sing Along Baking
Reminiscence Therapy Flower Arranging
Cards Weekly excursions in the East Cork area
Bingo Arts and Crafts
Film viewing Mobile library visits regularly
Discussions on current topics Gramophone society and in-house cinema Club

The Friends of Oaklodge

One of the fundamental principles of Oaklodge Nursing Home is to ensure that our door is always open to the local community, giving the residents a sense of their community and community spirit.  The Friends of Oaklodge volunteer groupvisitis on different days every week to play cards, chat with residents or to help with activities.  We also facilitate local schools, choirs and youth groups to become actively involved in life at Oaklodge as we believe that this inter-generational contact enables our residents to contribute to the local community.

Families are encouraged to continue caring for residents through their active involvement in Oaklodge family council, activity programme, life story books etc.  A visitors / family room is available, as well as an overnight room.



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